Welsh Defence League Nazi salute

They denied being fascists ahead of their first Welsh march – but at yesterday’s Welsh Defence League protest against Islamic extremism onlookers were confronted with scenes of jeering men giving Nazi salutes. It was the first time the newly-formed group have been out on the streets in Wales.
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A disabled society

Something powerful, beautiful and truly unique took place in Glasgow this week.  As a disabled person, this was of the few times where I felt like a complete and full part of the Muslim community. It seemed as if people saw through my wheelchair and my disability to the person.  No longer did I feel uncomfortable, excluded, different, special or even disabled. I was just a normal person, attending an event to remember an immense personality, who still manages to influence my life.  It is testament to the character of the man being honoured on the 5th of October 2009 at the Destiny Centre, that I felt such hope, inspiration and peace.

The person I am referring to is my friend, colleague, brother and teacher, Imran Sabir. Imran was a disabled Muslim, born and raised in Glasgow who developed a rare genetic condition known as ‘logic syndrome. The condition brought with it a visual impairment, mobility/breathing and communication difficulties and issues with walking long distances. The little known nature of Imran’s impairment resulted in limited treatment, and a chronic inability on the part of service providers to deliver the appropriate tailored support, accounting for Imran’s ethnic, Cultural and physical needs, but he didn’t allow any of this to stand in his way.

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Following yesterday’s news that Newcastle United were investigating legal action over the English Defence League’s use of their club crest following Show Racism the Red Card’s prompting, we can reveal that Rangers FC are doing likewise.

Rangers inform us that they have successfully asked Facebook to remove references to the club in the context of the SDL. This would account for the dedicated ‘Scottish Defence League – Rangers supporters’ group having disappeared as of yesterday.

Rangers are to be congratulated for this decisive action.

Posted by Osama Saeed

Legal action is reportedly being considered by Newcastle United Football Club over the far-right English Defence League’s use of the club badge.

Given the strong attempts to exploit football networks across the country, including in Scotland, I hope other clubs will consider this action if viable.

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GCM flatsMosques in Glasgow and Kilmarnock have been identified by the far right Scottish Defence League and their English counterpart as possible scenes of protest.

In Glasgow, we understand that they have discussed George Square, Pollokshields and the Sheriff Court as possible locations. The latter seems like a strange place to hold a demonstration till it is understood that it is across the street from Glasgow Central Mosque.

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Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde Police have said that permission would not be granted to the Scottish Defence League to protest.

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A common opinion expressed since news that the self-styled English and Scottish Defence Leagues were planning a protest in Glasgow has been that we ignore them. By mobilising against them, the argument goes, we give them the oxygen of publicity.

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